The New BMW I8

Hello everybody and today I will be telling you about the BMW I8!


This expensive and nice sports car is not very common to see on the road. It may be hard to see at nighttime because it’s often a shade that is a one hundred PITCH BLACK color which is difficult to see in the night.

This car can vary in prices some of the time, but its main price is around the cost of $200,000!  Yeah this thing can put a hole in your wallet and your bank account if you buy this exotic BMW. Also this car has an interesting feature called butterfly doors. No that does not mean that the doors are made of butterflies. This basically means that the doors open upwards and not sideways like a lot of the cars that we see. Also the I8 is an electric car with two seats

. Over winter break I got lucky enough to go inside of a real BMW I8! So I was walking around in a BMW dealer and while I was looking at the I8 a man walked up who worked there and told me that I was allowed to go into the driver’s seat. I was extremely happy and felt very lucky because of this man. 

Well I think that that just about raps that up!

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