2019 Bugatti Divo

Hello everybody and welcome to what will I think be the last blog post of the year! I am really excited to tell you about the Bugatti Divo. I think that Bugatti is a great brand and that if you ever want a supercar and have the money you should definitely consider buying from this amazing model which was made for Bugatti’s 110th anniversary! As Bugatti says, “The Divo is made for corners!”

So here is the first fact for today this is a two seater but normally only one person is in there because you might race with it. As a matter of fact, the Divo is named after Albert Divo, a French race car driver who drove and won races for Bugatti in the late 1920s.

Okay so the next fact on this car is that it is very fast and no it can not go up to 300 miles per hour like the last car that I did a post on. So this car can go up to just a little over 230 miles and that right there is very, very fast. The price of this car is rounded up to over $1.5 million. Given this car’s price tag and maximum speed, the Divo is mainly used for racing and you probably wouldn’t see it on the road or just casually driving downtown.

This car was originally manufactured in Germany, then production moved to France where it is still made even though Bugatti is currently owned by the German company Volkswagon. Thank you so much for viewing all of my blogs this year and I hope that I can post next year!

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