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Hello and welcome to my blog post! Today I am going to be talking about two things. I will talk about planking every day and filling out a drawing for my chosen daily habit. (At the top you can see what I am filling out for my chosen daily habit.)

So first in my LA class we do a plank every day including weekends. We usually take our time up by 10 seconds every day. So we started with a 30 second plank. It was pretty easy but every day it got harder and harder. We got to 3 minutes and 30 seconds before our teacher told us to do a plank for as long as we could and I ended up doing it for 4 minutes and 2 seconds. Overall, this taught that you need to practice things in order to keep progressing.

Secondly, for one month (or more) I am doing push ups and filling out a chart every day when I do. I started with five and increased every day by 3 push-ups. I am now over twenty and am very exited to see what I will be at at the end of January.

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