My New Goal

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Today I am going to be talking about my new daily habit. My new habit for this month is stretching, I find it important to stretch so that your body feels better and also I believe it’s just something good that I can do. I want to be more flexible and relaxed. During these past months I have been really stressed and I looked to stretching and yoga to calm down. In my opinion, it really helps. Breathing deeply even just ten times a day can help calm you down or relax.

I have done two other daily habits, planking and push ups. Both of those went well and in the end, I reached my goal. All of this has taught me to never give up and you can achieve it even when it becomes very difficult for you. I look forward to doing more daily habits and hope that you can join me in stretching or other things daily.

I hope to become more flexible in this month! Thank you for reading my weekly blog.



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