2019 Bugatti Divo

Hello everybody and welcome to what will I think be the last blog post of the year! I am really excited to tell you about the Bugatti Divo. I think that Bugatti is a great brand and that if you ever want a supercar and have the money you should definitely consider buying from this amazing model which was made for Bugatti’s 110th anniversary! As Bugatti says, “The Divo is made for corners!”

So here is the first fact for today this is a two seater but normally only one person is in there because you might race with it. As a matter of fact, the Divo is named after Albert Divo, a French race car driver who drove and won races for Bugatti in the late 1920s.

Okay so the next fact on this car is that it is very fast and no it can not go up to 300 miles per hour like the last car that I did a post on. So this car can go up to just a little over 230 miles and that right there is very, very fast. The price of this car is rounded up to over $1.5 million. Given this car’s price tag and maximum speed, the Divo is mainly used for racing and you probably wouldn’t see it on the road or just casually driving downtown.

This car was originally manufactured in Germany, then production moved to France where it is still made even though Bugatti is currently owned by the German company Volkswagon. Thank you so much for viewing all of my blogs this year and I hope that I can post next year!

2016 Chorvette Stingray

Hello everyone and welcome back to another one of my car blogs!

So today I will be telling you about the 2019 Corvette Stingray.

Alright the first thing you need to know is that this car is very often used in races. The reason it is often used in races is because its seats, speed and endurance are all built for racing,

The Stingray can reach speeds of over 180 miles per hour and has top of the line handling. It has just over 450 horse power which allows it to reach 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds.

My neighbor owns and races one of these cars and it is a blue colored car. Also, I have gone over to his house and he let me sit in it and it was a lot of fun! He has three Corvette’s and one of them is not street legal and I don’t know why. Another fact about his cars is that he usually works on them when he brings them out he by himself.

He has a lift in his garage that when he pushes a button he has double decker Corvettes.  The lift brings down the top one if he wants to take it out for a spin.

My favorite color for this car is Sebring Orange Tintcoat.  I really like the shine that it reflects when the sun hits off of the paint.

Alright well I think that that just about raps it up for todays blog and I really hope that you enjoyed my post see ya guys!



Hennessey Venom GT

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog and I hope that you are having a good afternoon! So today I will be telling you about a very special and expensive car like I always do. But today this car is a car that I have wanted to do a blog on for a pretty good amount of time. Alright lets get into the facts.

Okay so first of all this car is called the Hennessey Venom GT, but the brand’s name is called Hennessey. They just don’t have a lot of cars and they decided that it would be a good choice to put their brand name in one of their car’s names which is kind of weird and different then other car brands because I have never seen a car brand put their name in the car’s real name before.

So you are wondering what is the max speed of this very exotic and nice car? Well it holds the world record for the fastest car in the world at not 200 not three hundred but 400! (Psyche) it can go up to 301 miles per hour and that is obviously really fast!

Now for my final fact the price! Okay so this car can go up to $600,000 which honestly surprised me at how little it was for such a great and special car.

Well I think that that just about raps things up for today and I really hope that you enjoyed my post and thank you for looking at my blog post!



Ferrari La Ferrari

Hello everybody and welcome back to another one of my blogs! Today will be telling you about a car called the Ferrari La Ferrari. Alright so this as you may assume is a really nice sports car made by the exotic car brand Ferrari. So  the first fact that I will be telling you about is one of many that you will hear and see in my post today.

Alright so this car can go up to a very high speed and it is just over 200 miles per hour which surprisingly is a little it higher than the average Ferrari that you might here about or see one day.

Another fact about this car that I am sharing about with you guys and girls is that this Ferrari is so expensive for a car and no it is not $19 million dollars like the last car that I showed yo the other day. S this car is way over the two hundred thousand dollar mark so as you ca see it is a very expensive and if you wanted to buy it then you would have to save a lot of your money to ever be able to afford such a car that is not made on a daily bases like some other cars that you might see on the road every day looking out you window on the road in your own car. Well everybody I think that that just about raps it up for todays blog! hope you enjoyed and please leave a comment.

2019 McLaren P1


                                        Hello everybody and welcome back to another car blog and today I will be telling you about the McLaren P1!

All right so first off it is a very good looking and very nice sports car because what else do you find in my blogs? The McLaren P1 is most commonly a red, orange, or a blue color because it seems to fit into the car’s style.

So you are wondering if this car is truly a sports car then how fast can it go? Well its top speed was estimated to be just around 217 MPH also known as 349 km (kilometers).

Also one more thing that I know that you want to hear about is the fact about how much money are you going to need before you ask Bill Gates for a loan for the rest of your life. Well this car is priced at new not one million not two million not three million but three point four million dollars! Now that is a lot of money. Another car that is another model of the same car as the one that I am talking about right now, just it is three point five million dolors because it is the GTR version of this rare supercar.

All right moving on so a lot of people ask what makes a car street legal or not street legal? Well the answer for most of the time is how fast the car can go. Like this car can go 217 MPH so it is not street legal. I do not know the exact number of miles per hour that you have to exceed but its somewhere around 200 MPH.

And my very last fact to tell you about this car is that it was first made in Woking, United Kingdom.

Well I think that that is it. Hope you enjoyed!

Lamborghini Venneno Roadster.

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog posts about cars. Today I will be telling you about one of the fastest cars in the world called a Lamborghini Venneno Roadster!

Alright so by the way this car can go so fast! Its top speed is over two hundred and ninety miles per hour. Also all of these facts for the speed of the cars are estimates that are estimated to the nearest ten miles because nobody can really know how fast it goes to the exact mile per hour.

This car’s main purpose is to be very fast, good looking, and expen$ive. Alright moving on to the next fact this car is a performance car what that means is that it is supposed to be very fast and not go out of control and have extremely good handling.

Finally I know that the only thing that you want to hear about is the cost of this car so that you can add it onto your dream cars list that from all of these posts should be getting longer  every time that I post something. So here it is this car’s price tag, it is just around over $6,000,000! That is somebody’s life saving times a lot.


Thank you so much for reading this post and I really hope that you enjoyed it to its full content.

Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Hello everybody and welcome back to another blog. As you can see this one will be about the new Bugatti that came out just two days ago! So first things first.

This car can go just over 280 mph! Well that is a lot compared to your average car that you would see every day and you probably ride in every day to school or anywhere else that you might go on a daily basis. By the way if you were wondering the hp can go up to and a little over 1,500 HP engine.

Another thing would be that the car’s engine is the same as the most recent car by Bugatti called the Bugatti Chiron.  This newest Bugatti La Voiture Noire means “Black Car” in French and it is one of a kind.  Only one will ever be made and it was purchased by someone who would like to remain anonymous.  Also, the back and hood of this car are encrusted in diamonds.

Alrighty so here is the price that you have bean waiting for the price of this amazing car is a whopping $19 million!! And I know that you are probably thinking what, how is that possible and who would buy this car. Well just look and if you search up Bill Gates you may very well find your answer.

All right so one last little fact would be that this amazing car is really expensive right so just how expensive is it? Well this car is the world record holder currently for the most expensive new car and no it is not the most expensive car ever because that is like over $50 million because it is vintage.

Well I think that that will wrap things up for this week I really hope that you enjoyed this blog and comment if you want more car blogs!


Bentley Continental GT

Hello everybody and today I will be telling you about this great car called the Bentley Continental GT! First things first this car is a four seater\five seater luxury performance car.  The Bentley Continental GT can go up to 206 miles per hour at its very tippy top speed. Also this car is so expensive it can cost up to $220,000!

You may wonder why I wrote luxury performance car.  It’s because the Bentley Continental GT is a unique combination of performance and luxury.  For example, it has noise canceling sound protection making the ride silent.

The seats are quilted and have the Bentley logo stitched on them.  The most common stitching for the seats in the Bentley is diamond shapes on the seat bottom, as shown in the photo to your right.

While the Bentley has all of these luxury features, they never sacrificed the element of speed over luxury.  Most expensive vehicles focus on one or the other, but the Bentley Continental GT does both.

Maybe it’s because the amazing Bentley car brand was originally manufactured in England in 1919.  Then in the early 1930s Rolls Royce purchased Bentley and they successfully worked together until 2003 when Volkswagen bought the rights to Bentley, and BMW bought the rights to Rolls Royce.  So for all those years, two amazing car manufacturers worked together to design some of the most amazing, fast, luxurious cars in the world.  

Also quick fact did you know Michael Jordan himself owns one of these cars?!  The legend, the indisputable all time greatest basketball player, North Carolina native, Michael Jordan, cruises down Tobacco Road in this beauty. So before I end this blog if you want to be like Mike and get yourself a Bentley it will increase your odds by 99% if you leave a comment and tell me what you thought about this blog post.


The New 2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan

Hello everybody today I will be telling you about the 2019 Rolls Royce Cullinan!

Well first off this car was voted “the most luxurious car of 2019.” This cars price is just about around $325,250! This car is an SUV and can come in a verity of colors mainly a nice shade of  red.


Also the brand Rolls Royce is probably the most luxurious car company ever and still holds that title to this very day. The cullinan is the first of its type meaning that there was no other 2018 Rolls Royce cullinan.

This cars outside usually comes in a very nice shade of silver that is almost always super shiny. Also this luxury car can go up to a speed sixty two miles per hour at top speed. I no that’s not very fast but it is the most luxurious car in the world so why would it be a car that goes upwards of two hundred miles per hour. Alright everybody I think that just about raps this up I really really hope that  you enjoyed this post! Comment and I will do a lot more of these types of supercars posts. By see you later guys and girls in a little bit.

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The New BMW I8

Hello everybody and today I will be telling you about the BMW I8!


This expensive and nice sports car is not very common to see on the road. It may be hard to see at nighttime because it’s often a shade that is a one hundred PITCH BLACK color which is difficult to see in the night.

This car can vary in prices some of the time, but its main price is around the cost of $200,000!  Yeah this thing can put a hole in your wallet and your bank account if you buy this exotic BMW. Also this car has an interesting feature called butterfly doors. No that does not mean that the doors are made of butterflies. This basically means that the doors open upwards and not sideways like a lot of the cars that we see. Also the I8 is an electric car with two seats

. Over winter break I got lucky enough to go inside of a real BMW I8! So I was walking around in a BMW dealer and while I was looking at the I8 a man walked up who worked there and told me that I was allowed to go into the driver’s seat. I was extremely happy and felt very lucky because of this man. 

Well I think that that just about raps that up!