Window or a Mirror

Hello! Today I am going to be talking about a book I read called Born to Run and whether it is a window or mirror.

If you are wondering what I mean by a window or mirror I do not mean something in your house. A window story is a story that you might not have anything in common with. A mirror story is a story that could be very similar to your life like the temperature, what you eat and really anything in common with the character or characters in the story.

I am going to tell you if in my opinion Born to Run is a mirror or a window story.

For me Born to Run is a window story. I don’t have anything in common with the people in the story or what they do. In Born to Run, there is extremely hot weather and where I live it’s not very hot at all. The people walk around without shoes on, run, and climb mountains. While I can climb mountains I do not do the other two things.

I personally loved this book and would strongly recommend it to anyone else who wants a book that is interesting but has some history to it as well.

Thanks for reading!