Westing Game Stock Market

Hello! Today I am going to be talking about how I investing in my classes stock market project.

Two of my teachers wanted to do a project which involved the stock market because of a character in the book the Westing Game.

We first picked up to 5 companies to invest a total of $20,000 in. Personally I chose Nintendo, GameStop, and Bitcoin. We started this project about a month ago with a spreadsheet that we would check about every week and see how our stocks did.

The majority of my classmates gained money and it got better over time. At the end for my bitcoin investment I spent $13.12 a share with over 100 shares. On May 25 each stock was valued at over $33. GameStop did very well contributing almost 50% more than I paid for the original over 40 stocks.

At the end of my stock journey I had over $12,000 made and was very happy with how the project went as a whole.



My Ted Talk


Hello! This blog post is about my experience making a Ted Talk within my class.

For my topic, I chose over fishing specifically of Blue fin Tuna. When I presented I made sure to do thinks like make eye contact and use my hands to show what I was doing.

I really enjoyed being able to talk about something that I enjoy which is fishing and fish in general. People did things from video games to pets and all sorts of great topics.

This was one of my favorite projects that we did throughout the year because we chose what we wanted to do instead of it being assigned it.

I talked about the cost of the fish the weight and many more specific things that contribute to the over fishing of this species. I also created a background using an app that put class uses called Paper by 53 and you can use different tools to make wallpaper and slide presentation backgrounds.

Overall, I would definitely recommend doing this type of presentation if you want to have fun with a couple friends or something else.



Thank you. Bye!

Tree Book



Hello! Welcome back to my blog post. Today I will be talking about a school project that I have been working on for 2 months.

On March 15th we started a project called the tree book. This book consisted of a salute to my roots, what we will do when the pandemic ends, a list of things we want to do, and collage and painting.

We worked with a local painter named Peg Gignoux. She helped a lot with the painting part of the book. We did some work with Akua ink which is when you put something (in this case a leaf) on some jello type surface and then put a paper on top of it and push it down. That will put a colorful leer on your paper. Then we cut the paper and put the leaf onto a branch that we used by putting some thicker paper on the base of the tree.

After we did this we snipped some green paper and made it into grass for the bottom of the tree. We wrote paragraphs honoring someone that is very close to us and that we love.

We wrote a list of things that we wanted to do in our life. This for me consisted of things like skydiving, visiting Jerusalem again, getting a job I love, and other things.

Overall, this has been a really incredible experience for me and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you to Peg Gignoux and Patti Donnelly for this great experience.


Down below  this writing I will have two links one of the links will be to the Frank Gallery were my book was shown to my parents and classmates. The other link is to Peg Gignoux’s website. (She helped us with all of the painting and glueing.)












My Frances Dowell

Hello and welcome to my blog! Today I am going to be talking about a story that I wrote and had an author named Frances Dowell read. We started about 6 months ago and we finished sometime in the last month. Overall, I have enjoyed this experience so much, I have been able to write about what I want and then share that with my classmates and teacher.

This story took a while and we even made covers for them. I definitely would recommend writing a story about something even if you don’t show it to other people.

I have truly loved this and hope you do as well!


Thanks for reading!

Window or a Mirror

Hello! Today I am going to be talking about a book I read called Born to Run and whether it is a window or mirror.

If you are wondering what I mean by a window or mirror I do not mean something in your house. A window story is a story that you might not have anything in common with. A mirror story is a story that could be very similar to your life like the temperature, what you eat and really anything in common with the character or characters in the story.

I am going to tell you if in my opinion Born to Run is a mirror or a window story.

For me Born to Run is a window story. I don’t have anything in common with the people in the story or what they do. In Born to Run, there is extremely hot weather and where I live it’s not very hot at all. The people walk around without shoes on, run, and climb mountains. While I can climb mountains I do not do the other two things.

I personally loved this book and would strongly recommend it to anyone else who wants a book that is interesting but has some history to it as well.

Thanks for reading!

My New Goal

Hello and welcome back to my blog!

Today I am going to be talking about my new daily habit. My new habit for this month is stretching, I find it important to stretch so that your body feels better and also I believe it’s just something good that I can do. I want to be more flexible and relaxed. During these past months I have been really stressed and I looked to stretching and yoga to calm down. In my opinion, it really helps. Breathing deeply even just ten times a day can help calm you down or relax.

I have done two other daily habits, planking and push ups. Both of those went well and in the end, I reached my goal. All of this has taught me to never give up and you can achieve it even when it becomes very difficult for you. I look forward to doing more daily habits and hope that you can join me in stretching or other things daily.

I hope to become more flexible in this month! Thank you for reading my weekly blog.



What punctuation am I?

Hello and welcome back to my blog post. Today I am going to be talking about what type of punctuation I am.

I think I am an exclamation mark because I am always exited to figure things out. I also believe that it can make things more dramatic if used correctly. One thing I enjoy about it is that it can mean so many things it can be scary, happy, sad, etc.

My second punctuation is a question mark. I think wondering is always good and it brings a lot of suspense. I like to use it when using a lot of people’s perspectives.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog post!




Daily Habit



Hello and welcome to my blog post! Today I am going to be talking about two things. I will talk about planking every day and filling out a drawing for my chosen daily habit. (At the top you can see what I am filling out for my chosen daily habit.)

So first in my LA class we do a plank every day including weekends. We usually take our time up by 10 seconds every day. So we started with a 30 second plank. It was pretty easy but every day it got harder and harder. We got to 3 minutes and 30 seconds before our teacher told us to do a plank for as long as we could and I ended up doing it for 4 minutes and 2 seconds. Overall, this taught that you need to practice things in order to keep progressing.

Secondly, for one month (or more) I am doing push ups and filling out a chart every day when I do. I started with five and increased every day by 3 push-ups. I am now over twenty and am very exited to see what I will be at at the end of January.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog!









Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I am going to be talking about a story called Why Wisdom is Everywhere. It is a tale from West Africa. I love this tale because it is really meaningful and has a lot to offer moral wise. I created my comic with Paper by 53. The moral is you can never have all of the wisdom in the world.